Measures To Take During The Novel Coronavirus

Measures To Take During The Novel Coronavirus

All over the world, companies are taking measures to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. Henry Buys Homes is also implementing those measures to prevent its customers from taking the chance of getting infected by the virus.


Measures We’re Implementing Within Our Company 

We know that despite the situation, you still need someone to help you sell your house. That’s why we want to continue providing our services, but now with extra precautions to protect you. 

These are the measures we’re taking within our company now with the novel coronavirus.

  1. Using Technology To Avoid Human Contact

We are encouraging our customers to use our website to get in touch with us and discuss the details of their houses. This way, we avoid human contact, but we’re moving forward with the process. 

  1. Using Anti Bacterial Gel During The Interaction With Our Customers

We are implementing the hand washing policy before meeting our customers. During our time outside our offices, we are carrying an antibacterial gel with us.

  1. Using Masks And Gloves

We know that using masks and gloves is a more extreme measure, but we want to be extra cautious, so we are using these when necessary.

  1. Working From Home 

We try to take care of most of the procedures from home to protect ourselves from the virus, and with that, prevent our customers from getting sick.

Henry Buys Homes Cares About You

We are aware of the severity of the virus and how you may be affected. We agree that it is important to take measures to prevent coronavirus from spreading. We care about you, and that’s why we’re doing as much as we can to help you sell your house the safest way. 

You can continue to contact us online, send us photos and details of your home, and get the process started to sell your home.


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