3 Unique Ways to Add Brick to Your Jacksonville House

brick house

Brick can be added to homes under construction or existing homes even if another material is already applied. Are you thinking about adding brick to your house in Jacksonville? There are tons of options for you to consider. As a sound building material, brick has features that include the following:

• Adds Aesthetics

Brick is a traditional sign of quality that will increase the value of any structure.

• Thermal Performance

Brick increases thermal performance. It keeps the home cool during warm weather and vice-versa.

• Fire Resistance

Brickwork is a noncombustible material.

• Acoustics

Brick veneer walls reflect sound waves.

• Moisture Resistance

Brick veneer is constructed as a drainage wall with a built-in defense against water penetration. Brick also is a natural defense against high winds.

Let’s look at 3 unique ways to add brick to your new home:

Exterior Brick Veneer

Brick veneer that is anchored and is supported by your home’s foundation can be affixed to the exterior of a building even if other materials like siding already exist. The brick veneer is held together by anchors or ties, fastened to studs or it can be embedded into the masonry.

This will hold up for years because the brick veneer is water-resistant creating a drainage barrier for flashing and weeps which means that its construction helps to direct water and moisture downward and away from the building wall.

Interior Brick Walls 

Adding brick to your walls is an option that gives your new home great character. This idea will call for brick veneer as an indoor feature. A real brick veneer is simply brick that is thin.

Many real veneer bricks are made by cutting restored or recycled bricks lengthwise. Choosing a real brick veneer over a full brick wall will save you from adding weight to the walls of your new home.

Using brick as a wall feature inside your new home gives the appearance of quality, texture, and beauty. Brick can be installed in any room of a home. Brick veneer is available in a variety of hues and designs.

For example, exposed brick walls are the common interior design element that is timeless and provides for a beautiful accent. Imagine a brick backsplash in your kitchen, a brick archway, or simply an entire wall dedicated to a brick finish.

Brick Flooring

Consider a unique interior design feature that involves a brick floor. This natural earthen look works well for high-traffic interior spaces. Brick’s unique flooring can be used in rooms like the kitchen, the hallway or foyer, the laundry room, or other rooms including the bathroom, that are visited every day by the family.

Bricks are eco-friendly and allergy-free because they do not contain any contaminants. They are mother earth at its finest. If your brick floors become wet, their gritty texture provides traction better than many other types of flooring materials. Brick flooring remains true to its nature.

Brick is fire-proof, will not fade even in direct sunlight, is pest-free, and unlike a carpet, brick flooring will not fray, warp, or peel. It is a lifetime of beauty and strength.


Adding brick to the interior and/or exterior of your home increases your new home’s value. It provides curb appeal and a distinctive style. The National Association of Home Builders states that out of all building materials, brick is the leading choice for homes. Its natural properties and low maintenance features make it a popular building material that is gaining in favor with homeowners.

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