5 Benefits Of Selling Your House To Home Buyers

Are you looking to sell your home in Jacksonville, FL? There’s a way you can sell it fast and for instant cash, and that’s selling your property to house buyers. Working with these type of companies provide several benefits that homeowners like have enjoyed throughout the years. Continue reading the article!

The Process Is Fast!

You probably have experienced working with a real estate agent and know how hard it is to sell your house within the first two or three months. But what if we tell you that we’re talking not months, not weeks, but days with homebuyers like Henry Buys Homes in Florida. Yes, you read that right. 

When working with a home buyer, the entire process of selling your home generally takes up to seven days. Just imagine contacting a company the same day you’re reading this article and picturing yourself the following week with tons of instant cash on your hands. Sounds incredible, right? Well, it’s possible if you sell your house to home buyers. 

The Amount Settled Is The Money You’re Getting!

It’s hateful when you see an “exclusive offer,” and you say: “hey, I’m going to get” but then taxes come up, and the offer isn’t that great after all. With home buyers, it isn’t like that. Unlike working with real estate agents, you don’t have to pay any closing costs or fees!

When you sell your home with a real estate agent, you’re not keeping all the money. You’ll be paying up to 10% of your selling price on costs and commissions. But, if you sell it to homebuyers, you get to keep 100% of the price settled. 

If it feels good to find the money you didn’t know you had in your pockets, now imagine getting that extra 10% cash. Think about it. 

There Are Fewer Parties Involved

With the traditional way of selling properties, many parties are involved: the inspectors, the lenders, the seller, the seller’s family, and you. The fact there are intermediaries involved causes at least 25% of home sales to fall through. For example: 

  • Lenders may not loan the money if the property is overpriced. 
  • Inspectors lower down your price for any minimal detail. 
  • Family members may disagree with moving, causing buyers eventually to withdraw their offer. 
  • In the US, first-time buyers make 25% of the total buyers, which means that there’s a chance they get cold feet and also withdraw their offer. 

When you’re working with a home buying company, it’s just you and them. That’s it; those are all the parties involved. There’s no chance of deals falling through. Once you accept the instant cash offer, paperwork is drawn, everyone signs, and that’s it. As simple as that. 

There’s No Need For Repairs Or Improvements!

For example, at Henry Buys Homes in Florida, we buy houses in as-is condition. That means regardless of your property’s physical conditions, we’ll buy it anyway. Most home buying companies offer similar options. You won’t need to invest your time and money on repairs or improvements if you don’t want to. At Henry Buys Homes, we don’t even require inspection!

Nonetheless, the benefits of working with a home buying company don’t end there. Most home buying companies also buy houses regardless of their financial situation. You could sell the property and pay the mortgage debt to save your financial score if you’re facing foreclosure. Work with a home buying company to have a clean start!

You Find The Peace You Wouldn’t Find Any Other Way.

Say goodbye to the stressful part of having to show your house to strangers. There’s no need to show anyone your house other than to us. Forget about endless showings and the mystery if they liked your property or not. With a home buying company, they’ll tell right away if your property meets their buying criteria. 

Your time is money, and home buying companies don’t plan on wasting it. If they like the property, it’s just a matter of time, like we mentioned before, to start closing on the details and start a new stage of your life in no time. 

If You’re Going For A Fast House Sale in Florida, Henry Buys Homes Is Who To Contact!

At Henry Buys Homes in Florida, we are ready to make your transition to your new home fast and smooth. Don’t spend time and money hiring real estate agents and paying high commissions and closing costs. Selling your house to us is FREE! We buy houses in a way no one else does! Call us today to get your non-obligatory cash offer. 


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