We Buy Houses For Cash In Florida

Do you know that with a home buyer you can sell your home within 7 days? Or you thought this was impossible? Henry Buys Homes buys houses for cash in Florida, no matter the situation you’re facing or the house conditions. We want to help you take control of the case, end the hassles and get back to living the life you want. 


Get Cash For Your House Without Commissions

When you sell your house with us, you don’t have to pay any fee or commission. We take care of all the paperwork. Also, you don’t have to repair the windows, clean the yard, or anything you might think needs to be done for the sale, we take care of it too. Our process can save you a lot of money.

Besides saving money, you also get cash fast. Because we’re the ones buying you’re home and we pay cash, we can close quickly. We don’t like to complicate things and we know you need the money, so why make you wait?

We want to help get out of that stressful situation you’re going through, and give your family the peace they need. Getting a new house can be exciting sometimes but also can be stressful because of the things you have to do to make it. 

Sell Your House With The Best

We want to help you. You deserve to know all the options available for you right now. So, contact us or fill out the short form and our experts will help you find the offer that best fits with your situation and finally get back to normal. 

We buy houses for cash in Florida, no matter the house conditions or the situation. We have a lot of experience as a homebuyer so we know how to help you the best way.