Is This The Best Time To Sell My House In Jacksonville?

If you were planning on selling your home in Jacksonville this year, chances are the coronavirus outbreak has negatively affected your plans. Despite the pandemic, you still have the chance to sell your home for a good price. Let’s break down your options and the current state of real estate.

How’s The Market?

With the coronavirus outbreak, the real estate market has been affected profoundly. Prices are going down quickly, and this increases the competition as well.

Starting in March, new listings were down 29% annually, and the total supply of houses for sales was down 19%, according to But the demand for houses is still incredibly strong despite the economic downturn, so homeowners still have an opportunity to sell their homes during this pandemic. 

Current Options To Sell Your House During COVID-19

You can still sell your house during this global pandemic. You have to evaluate the options available to sell it effectively. There are two main options homeowners choose to sell their house with little risk.

Real Estate Agents

The most common way people sell their houses is with a real estate agent. However, with the coronavirus, realtors have been affected. Now, banks are not offering many loans, and there are new policies to comply with. Also, some listings have been canceled, while many houses are staying in the market for months.

If you want to sell your house with a real estate agent, consider if you can deal with all the requirements, costs, and wait time. It is possible, but you’ll have to be more careful with your house, wait longer, and spend a lot of money in the process. 

Home buyers

Home buyers are companies that will buy your house directly from you. Home buyers aren’t affected by banks and financing restrictions because they buy your home directly. Home buyers are the quickest and most affordable option, because you don’t have to pay for fees or commissions, and there’s no need to prepare the house for the sale. You just have to accept the offer they give you.

Sell Your House In Jacksonville Fast

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