Get The Best Price For Your House During COVID-19

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the real estate market has been hit hard. Social distancing has brought complications in the real estate agent process, fewer loans are being given by banks, and the economy has affected the market.

With the coronavirus outbreak, dropping demand has lowered prices as sellers compete to offer the best price to interested buyers. As a homeowner looking to sell their home, you may be tempted to do the same to try and make a sale. However, you don’t have to settle.

Home Buyers: The Better Choice

Home buyers are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to avoid the pitfalls of the current real estate market. A home buyer buys your home directly from you, so they’re unaffected by supply and demand.

Home buyers don’t work with banks or loans, so they also aren’t affected by the decrease in loans. At Henry Buys Homes, for example, we offer a fair all-cash offer in 24 hours after you contact us.

Home buyers also close fast, minimizing the risk of a buyer pulling out of a sale. With a realtor the process of selling and closing can last up to 90 days if everything goes as planned. But in these uncertain times, that may be too long for many homeowners. With us, it’s just one week and it’s done. 

Once you have accepted our offer, it won’t change, and we can close in as little as a week.

Don’t Let Covid Affect Your Sale

At Henry Buys Homes, we won’t let COVID-19 affect your sale. We continue to offer fair prices for your home because, as you can see, we are unaffected by the real estate market. Get a good offer for your home without having to settle.

Sell To Henry Buys Homes

If you are worried that COVID is going to affect your sale, call Henry Buys Homes and forget about your stress. With Henry Home Buyers most of the sale is done over the phone and email. Keeping all social distancing measures and providing you with a fair offer that is not tied to anything else than your approval.