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Sell your home quickly with the help of Henry Buys Homes in Jacksonville, Florida.

Selling your home can be very hard. Most homeowners can get very frustrated due to the time period their homes stay in listings. If you are someone that is wanting to sell their property as soon as possible, we can help you. No matter the situation behind you wanting to sell your property, we are interested in buying it and giving you an all-cash offer.

Henry Buys Homes has been helping Jacksonville residents for many years by buying their homes in the condition they currently have it. What makes us different is that you won’t have to spend unnecessary money with repairs or other fees. We want to buy your home as it is.

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No Fees or Commissions With Us

Ever tried on contacting a realtor to sell your home and they give you pricing you simply cannot afford?

Our team at Henry Buys Homes specializes in buying homes from you with zero fees or commissions. Unlike realtors, we don’t care about the condition your home is, therefore, we won’t tell you to do some upgrades before buying it.

Our process works on four easy steps. First, you tell us about your property by submitting a form that is completely free. Then, once we have reviewed your property and it meets our buying criteria we’ll contact you to set up a quick appointment. After our meeting, we’ll present you with a fair written offer that it’s really up to you to accept it.

Finally, we close at a local reputable title company, cash in your hands in as little as 7 days.

Sell Your Home Now

We want to buy your home and give you a fair cash offer. Contact us NOW and sell your home quicker than you’ve ever heard.