Selling Your Home: Homebuyers Vs Real Estate Agents

When you decide to sell your house you have two options: selling  your house the traditional way, or selling it with a homebuyer. It’s very important that you research the subject to know exactly what going either way implies. 


Differences Between Homebuyers & Realtors

As we were saying, it’s important that you understand what choosing a homebuyer or a realtor involves.  going to look at the differences between them and will draw conclusions of which is better for you. 

1. Time

When you sell your house with a realtor, you have to wait a considerable amount of time for the deal to close . First, you need to spend time looking for a real estate agent who you trust. Second, you have to spend time doing all the paperwork and after that, you have to wait until someone is interested in your listed house.  It doesn’t end here… You have to spend even more time while the interested buyer gets approval from the bank in order for them to pay you 

On the other hand, with a homebuyer,  you don’t spend any time at all! You only have to contact a home buyer like Henry Buys Homes, tell them about your property and accept the cash offer.  The entire process will take you less than a week. Awesome, right?

2. Money

When you sell your house with a real estate agent, you have to pay for fees,  commissions, and closing costs. You also have to pay for any repairs and installations you want to do to your house.  Additionally, if you’re going to hire any extra professional services to speed up the sale, it will also cost you money.  

With a homebuyer, you don’t have to think about any fees or commissions because we’re not with the bank, we’re the ones buying your house.  We also take care of the closing costs. What about the repairs you were thinking about? None of that matters to us, because we’re interested in buying your house as it is.

3. Contracts

With real estate agents, you always have to sign a contract that will bind you for six months, twelve months, or longer. With a homebuyer  you won’t be signing anything because we want to help you get rid of that property as soon as possible! 

Sell To A HomeBuyer

Now that you know the differences between both options , you can see which is better for you and your needs. 

If you want to know more about what selling your house with a homebuyer entails,  or if you decided on this option , contact Henry Buys Homes to learn more about the process or how you can apply. Don’t waste any more time and let us help you get rid of that unwanted house now.