How To Use Technology To Help Sell Your Home

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The concept of selling a house is drastically different than it was back in the early 90s. As a result of modern advances in technology, homeowners now have access to a vast array of different technologies that can help to simplify and expedite the entire process. In today’s world, individuals can use their laptops or smartphones to evaluate different properties and look for deals. In fact, the National Association of Realtors proclaims that as much as 88% of buyers, use online technologies to locate the home of their dreams. Let’s take a look at how you can use technology to assist you when it comes to selling your home.

1) Video Tours

Video tours are a powerful imaging tool that can be used to give a virtual tour of the interior and exterior portions of your home. It gives potential buyers an opportunity to view your home online, without having to physically walk through it. By working with a professional, they can help to secure the best footage and angles. Research suggests that videos get 400% more inquiries than property-related photos.

2) Listing Syndication

The concept of listing a home on multiple different websites can prove to be time-consuming. In today’s world, sites like and Zillow simplify this process by enabling listing syndication. Listing syndication enables your listing to be published on multiple sites.

Although these tools can be powerful when using them to blast your home out to the public, the information and data must be taken with a grain of salt. If you are preparing to sell your home but don’t know a thing about pricing, consider using multiple sources outside of these major real estate technology companies.

Pricing may be off by several thousand dollars when using these tools to determine the value of your property. Oftentimes, Zillow’s home values are incorrect. We encourage any homeowner to review multiple sources and talk to a real estate professional before finalizing the price to sell your home. Use tools like Zillow and for marketing your property, but not always for determining a price.

3) Social Sharing

Social media can prove to be an especially useful tool that can help to spread awareness about a particular property. In today’s world, social feeds have become so intertwined that when you post something, not only will your friends see your post, their friends will see it as well. And as you already know, a single post can travel around the world given the right amount of engagement. When it comes to choosing what platform to work with, it’s worth noting that statistics indicate that 90% of all social media traffic on the most popular realtor sites, comes from Facebook.

4) Drones

Top real estate experts have been praising the utilization of drones within the industry, because of the results that they provide. In fact, many companies now specifically produce drones to be used in the real estate market. By using a drone, homeowners are able to create aerial footage of their homes and their surrounding features.

5) Smart Devices and Interconnection

The technology that lies inside your home, plays an important role when it comes to selling it. By adding home automation smart devices such as a smart thermostat and smart door lock, it can help to make your house more appealing and modern. Additionally, consider the possibility of investing in a smart hub that will connect to every smart device in the house.

The reality of the fact is that technology gives homeowners a vast amount of different solutions that can be used to get your home sold faster. Certain technologies such as smart devices increase your home’s appeal and your property value. Meanwhile, technologies such as social media can give you access to a wide audience of people within your area. 

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