Common Questions To Make To Your Local Home Buyer

Common Questions To Make To Your Local Home Buyer

Some people may find themselves wondering about the services a local home buying company offers. They think these companies are too good to be true and that they are not trustworthy. And when this happens, there is only one thing you can do. Contact the home buying company and find more information about them.

Some common questions are repeatedly asked by homeowners when it is the first time they work with a cash home buyer. Keep reading to know all the answers to the common questions.

Are There Any Commissions When Working With A Home Buying Company?

This is one of the reasons local home buying companies are unique. You do not have to worry about fees and commissions when you sell your house to them. Instead, they will make an offer, and if you accept it, you will receive your payment in full. 

Selling to a local home buying company means no hassle and no fees. They will cover the closing cost so you can sell your house without the burden of the payments and extra fees. 

How Are Home Buying Companies Different From a Real Estate Agent?

There are several reasons how they can differ from real estate agents, but the most important is that they do not list properties. Instead, real estate agents will organize and schedule visits to the properties if there is any prospective buyer. By doing this, they will charge between three and six percent of the total price.Besides, you will probably wait around six months and sometimes even twelve months to finally sell your house. 

Selling to a local home buying company means that it will take you less than 24 hours to get an offer. Once you accept it in as little as seven days, you can close the sale and receive your cash. 

Is There Any Obligation When I Submit My Information In the Contact form?

There is no obligation for you when submitting your info or contacting them. You can call them and provide information about your house, and the only thing they will do is answer you with a cash offer. From there is your decision whether you want to sell your house or not. 

Do I Need To Fix and Remodel My House To Sell It?

No, you don’t have to deal with repairs to sell your house to a local home buying company. One reason people prefer to work with them is that they buy houses in as-is condition. 

Will You Be Listing My House Or Will Buy It Directly?

They are not agents; they are buyers. They do not list houses on the MLS. A home buying company has enough funds to buy your house directly, with no middlemen required.

Sell Your House to Henry Buys Homes

Henry Buys Homes is a trusted local home buying company that will help you sell your house easily and quickly. They are known for their professionalism, so you can forget about the stress of selling the traditional way, especially if you are dealing with financial problems. 


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