5 Renovations to Turn Your Backyard into Your Own Private Oasis

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We can only spend so much time in our houses before we go stir crazy – even if our homes are tricked out with the best of the best. One way homeowners are breathing new life into their properties is by tackling some home improvement projects, namely in the backyard. Right now the backyard is probably one of those places you don’t spend much time enjoying because it gets so darn hot! 

However, if you’re thinking about selling your house in the future, or you just want to turn your barren backyard into your own private oasis, here are some outdoor renovations mentioned in HomeLight’s Top Agents Survey that’ll accomplish either goal.

1. Pools are in-demand

A swimming pool is almost an essential feature to have in a Florida backyard because it gives homeowners, their families, and friends a place to cool off during the hottest days. Buyers and homeowners alike are keen on installing an in-ground pool, but they want a pool with the works. This means they want a pool with a safety fence, an upgraded pool surround, and nice lighting so they can enjoy the pool when the sun goes down.

2. Improving lighting

We mentioned that buyers are interested in lighting around the pool, but they also want nicer lighting systems throughout the yard as well. This could mean changing light fixtures near the backdoor, adding recessed lighting under a covered patio, walkway lights, and maybe a few spotlights to highlight trees and other focal points.

3. Outdoor kitchen

If you’re hoping for a fast sale, an outdoor kitchen is sure to appeal to buyers that love to cook and entertain. You don’t necessarily have to have a full-on kitchen complete with top-of-the-line appliances and granite countertops (although you certainly could if you want to really impress guests and buyers). You could just have a nice work area with a built-in grill and a wet bar. 

4. Outdoor living space

We have the pool and we have the outdoor kitchen. Next is the place where you can kick back and relax! The backyard should be treated like an extension of the interior and you can do that by creating a cozy living space outdoors. You can turn a covered patio into an outdoor living room by using high-end patio furniture, ceiling fans with lights, accessories, and adding a fire pit (or a full-on fireplace) and/or a water feature. 

If you don’t have a covered patio, you could erect a pergola or even use a canvas canopy to create the same effect.

5. Space for games

What would be a backyard barbecue if there weren’t games? Sure, you could play Marco Polo or volleyball in the pool, but there’s something to be said about being able to run around playing tag or catch with the kids! Backyards with grass may seem like a lot of work to keep green, but there are some other lawn options that will work in almost every climate. Kurapia in particular is a popular option because it doesn’t require a lot of water to stay green. 

Backyard upgrades improve quality of life

The beauty of doing any of these backyard upgrades is that you can enjoy them even if you aren’t planning on selling your home soon. These upgrades will add value to your property and if the market stays as it is (it’s a blazing seller’s market at the moment!), you could receive multiple offers, some of which could even be above the asking price! Pretty sweet, right?

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