4 Reasons Why Selling a Hoarder House is So Hard

The term “Hoarder House” describes a home that has fallen into disarray because the occupants have accumulated an excessive amount of unorganized belongings, most of which hold no tangible worth. 

For those who own a hoarder home, cleaning it and selling it may be your ultimate goal. However, Trying to make a hoarding home livable and desirable can take a lot of energy, time, and money. Keep reading to explore how to sell a hoarder house fast in Jacksonville, Florida.

Why Home Owners Struggle with Hoarder Homes

Listing a home as-is is a challenging task. Now more than ever, houses in lousy shape hardly grab the attention of potential buyers. 

If you check the listing of homes in Florida, you’ll see that most homes are beautiful, clean, and organized. Some are staged, and others have improvements that make them stand out. Spotless, decluttered homes sell fast because they allow prospective buyers to picture themselves and their belongings there. 

Buyers usually want to move right in with the peace of mind that their new home won’t cost them a fortune down the road. Hoarder homes tell the opposite story. Here are some of the reasons why selling a hoarder home in the Florida real estate market is a challenge:

Here are some of the reasons that make selling a hoarder home difficult:

Open houses 

Hosting open houses and showings increase your chances of selling a home. During an open house, the owner allows prospective buyers to enter and walk through the house at their leisure or guided by an agent. Once you list the home in the MLS, you’ll set specific times when prospective buyers can visit and check out the house.

The point of open houses is to create a good first impression among prospective buyers. If your home isn’t presentable, then house searches are less likely to buy it. Your best choice, in this case, will be to disclose the problem to prospective buyers and see if they are still interested in visiting the property.

Another concern with open houses is that it’s not always safe to welcome people into the home. Hoarder homes tend to have pests, mold, and germs; and can be a safety hazard for visitors, especially if you’re not sure of the items that are collected inside. 


Marketing a home often involves taking professional pictures, creating a website, and sharing it on social media. Unfortunately, a hoarder house will hardly get the attention of users on the internet. 


There Is No Certainty That You Will Get The Money Back.

It makes no sense to invest in repairs if you won’t have a return on the investment. While there are certain advantages of improving the property’s look, there is no guarantee that you will get back whatever you spent on the property with the sale.

It Can Be Expensive

The costs of decluttering a hoarding home will depend on the type and amount of items stored in the property. According to FIXr.com, on average, a mild hoarding cleanup costs between $3000 and $5000 for a 2000 square foot home. These costs don’t include any repairs or maintenance the house might need.

These costs and the agent’s commissions, taxes, certifications, and closing fees, can make the listing process overwhelming and too expensive to handle. 

It’s Time-Consuming 

While fixing simple cosmetic issues can take as quickly as a couple of days, hoarding homes tend to need more substantial renovations, which can take up to a few weeks, or even months. And, during that time, you’ll continue paying for mortgage, taxes, and utility bills. 

Property owners need to determine if they should invest the money in cleaning up and remodeling these homes or selling as-is.

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