3 Ways to Sell Your House Quickly

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If you think the best way to get your home sold is to simply use a real estate agent and let them handle all the work, you’re wrong. While a real estate agent will work to get your home sold fast, there are other things that you can consider to speed up the process even more. By tapping into these strategies, you can help change the pending status of your home to sold in no time.

In today’s post, we take a look at 3 surefire ways to get your home as fast as possible.

1) Short Sale

A short sale can be best described as being the process of selling a home at a much lower price than what the owner owes on their mortgage. In the event that you cannot afford to pay your mortgage, your lender may accept a short sale on your property, regardless if it’s being sold for a lower amount than what you owe.

It’s also worth noting, that if you have to leave the property for a legitimate reason, such as a divorce, health risk or court order, a lender may also consider a short sale in a situation like this. However, in order for you to pursue this route, your lender has to give their approval first. Before a lender gives their approval for a short sale, they have to verify that you cannot continue to pay your mortgage or that a miscellaneous reason has forced you into a situation where you need to vacate the property as soon as possible.

2) All-Cash Offer

Most people who are in the process of selling their homes, want to get the highest amount possible. As such, most homeowners tend to list their homes, the traditional way – on the market with help of a real estate agent. However, in some situations, you may not want to wait 30-45 days, if the buyer has to secure a mortgage. Additionally, you may be running low on time such as getting a new job across the state or as a result of financial instability.

In a situation like this, receiving an all-cash offer on your property can help to expedite the entire process. An all-cash offer as its name implies consists of getting cash from a buyer, without the utilization of a mortgage. Based on the fact that getting a mortgage is a time-consuming process in itself, all-cash offers are extremely popular amongst sellers that want to sell their property as soon as possible.

3) Spring Season

Even though the current state of the economy, the market, and your location play an important role when it comes to determining when’s the best time to get your home sold fast, most real estate agents proclaim that the Spring season is the best time to sell a home irrespective of these factors. In fact, statistics indicate that not only do homes get sold faster during the spring season, they also get sold for more money than they would have if they were listed during the winter or summer season. It’s also worth noting that the winter and fall seasons see a significant drop-off in purchase activity.

When it’s all said and done, even though you may want to list your home at a very high price, you need to have a compromise when it comes to selling your home quickly. Therefore, provide a listing price that is reflective of the market. Additionally, ensure that you utilize the services of a real estate agent. They can evaluate your home’s location and other factors to determine when’s the best time to list it. 

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