Sell Your Foreclosed Home In Florida To Henry Buys Homes!

Foreclosure is one of the most stressful experiences any homeowner can go through. But there are plenty of ways to avoid it, and Henry Buys Homes in Florida is your best choice. We make the transition toward a new debt-free stage of your life smooth. We buy houses in foreclosure fast and for instant cash. Give us a call if you want to learn more about our buying process. 


Is It Possible To Sell My Foreclosed Home In Florida?

Yes! It’s possible. You have the opportunity to sell your house in Florida before the lender sells it at an auction. 

Why Should I Sell? 

There are plenty of options to avoid foreclosure. However, selling it is the best decision. Here’s why: 

  • You’re saving your financial score. With the money you get out of the sale, you’ll pay your mortgage debt without damaging your credit. You’ll be able to access new loans without too much hassle. 
  • The process is so much easier. Facing foreclosure is stressful enough to be dealing with filing for bankruptcy, requesting forbearance, or trying to convince the lender. Nonetheless, it’s with Henry Buys Homes that the nightmare goes away in a matter of days.

So, Why Should I Sell It To Henry Buys Homes?

Here’s what we offer for your foreclosed home:

  • The selling process is fast! We close deals in no more than seven days; you’d be having cash on your hands this time next week! 
  • We offer instant cash for your property. We don’t have lenders that could make our deal fall through. 
  • Selling to us is FREE! You won’t pay a single cent on closing costs or commission fees. The price we set, it’s the amount of money you’re going to get. 
  • We buy houses in as-is condition! Meaning, you won’t need to pay for repairs or improvements; we buy it anyways. But don’t worry, it’ll be for a fair cash price. 
  • You get to choose the closing date. If you need time to evaluate your options, it’s okay. We want you to make a smooth transition toward a new stage of your life. 

Request Your Instant Cash Offer!

We want to help you more than anything in the world. That’s why our cash offers are non-binding and non-obligatory. All we ask is that you consider the option of selling your house fast to have a clean start. Asking how much we’re willing to pay for your foreclosed home won’t hurt, so contact us!