Meet Your Local Cash Home Buyer in Orange Park

Conventional real estate agents are not the best option for home sellers. We understand that people don’t want to deal with hidden fees and long waits when they sell their houses. We also know that many people have a hard time trusting others with their money or property.

That’s why as one of the companies that buy houses, at Henry Buys Homes. We offer an easy process without any hidden fees or waiting periods. We buy houses in any condition.

Our process is easy and stress-free. We want to make your life easier and help you to sell your house as fast as possible.


Henry Buys Homes: Our Selling Process

We are ready to give you a guaranteed cash offer for your house. We will take care of all the repairs, paperwork, and closing costs – everything is included in our price. The steps are:

Get To Know Your Property

Tell us everything about your property,  including any special features. We need to know everything before we give you an offer. Also, we need to know your timeline and budget. We understand that everyone has a different deadline, so we will work with you on finding the best solution for specific needs.

Set Up An Appointment

If your house meets our buying criteria, we will schedule a convenient time for our inspector to come and inspect your property. We can schedule this appointment on the same day or during the next business hours.

We get to know your house by sending a professional inspector. We need to see what you have and how much it is worth before we make an offer. We also want to check the condition of your property so that there won’t be any surprises after closing the deal.

Get A Cash Offer

We make a fair offer, especially in Fleming Island market conditions. We give you some time so you can think it over before making a decision. We will also talk about the closing time and all of your options, so you know exactly what to expect from us.

Get Your Cash

After the cash offer, we will make sure that money is in your bank account within two days after closing the deal. We want to minimize the time you are without a house and this includes getting you cash quickly so you can get into another property or enjoy life while waiting for yours to sell.

Sell Your Property With The Help Of Henry Buys Homes

If you are wondering, “How to sell my house fast in Orange Park” at Henry Buys Homes, we make selling your house easy and stress-free by paying cash for houses regardless of their condition. Contact us now to start working with us.