Making Repairs To Your House VS Selling As-is: Which One’s Best?

As a homeowner, you have two options when it comes to getting rid of your property: Repair it or simply sell as-is. But which is the best option for you? Repairing a home can be expensive and time-consuming. However, if done right, it can lead to great results.

Selling as-is means that any repairs will need to be made by the buyer once they purchase the house. This article will go through both scenarios so that you know which one is the best option.

Selling As-Is: What Is It?

Selling as-is means that you are selling your house without making any repairs. That means that the buyer will deal with any repairs once they purchase the home. This is a great option since there isn’t an initial cost of having all those repairs done before putting it on the market.

Selling A House: Cons Of Making Repairs

There are a few cons to making repairs before selling your house. If you go through with the wrong contractor, it may end up costing you even more money because of all the additional work that needs to be done. Some cons are:


By making repairs, you are increasing the amount of time it takes to sell your house. Repairing a home can take weeks or even months, which means that buyers will have less time in their hands to find another property.


Since you are making the repairs yourself, it will increase your costs. Repairing a home isn’t cheap and can cost thousands of dollars to complete.

No Guaranteed Results

Even after all those expensive repairs have been made, there aren’t any guarantees that the results will be expected. If this happens, then you’ll have to spend more money on repairing the home, and so on.

Selling As-Is: The Benefits

Many benefits come with selling your house as-is. It’s a great option for those who don’t have the time, money, or energy to make repairs. Some benefits are:

Saves You Money

If you sell your house as-is, you won’t waste any money on repair costs which could increase the number of expenses depending on what needs fixing. In addition to this, it also saves you time and energy.

Less Hassle

Selling your home as-is takes less hassle than making repairs since there won’t be any additional work to worry about, while only the buyer will have to deal with them after purchasing the house.

Quick Sale

By selling it at a lower price, buyers are more likely to purchase it due to the lower price tag. In addition, there may be a larger amount of buyers interested in purchasing your property.

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