Legit Property Cash Buyers in Jacksonville

Henry Buys Homes is a fair and trustworthy company that buys homes. We believe in principles of trust and integrity, and that’s what motivates us to create immediate solutions for you. 

We’ll help you avoid “shady home buyers.” You can choose to work with an honest, ethical, and reputable local company that can buy your house for a fair all-cash offer.


Know the Difference

We can help communities and homeowners by offering solutions to their problems. But just like in any other industry, a minority of house buyers can make truly reliable companies look bad.

We have helped and will continue helping thousands of people in Jacksonville, FL. All our clients are looking for a quick sale, but they come to us for various reasons. Some are relocating, dealing with foreclosure, or divorce. 

This is the main reason why we have streamlined the selling process, removing everything that makes selling your house so tricky. Here are some of the main reasons why you should sell your house to us:

  • A quick solution to difficult situations
  • No commissions or additional fees
  • Skip showings
  • Reduce stress- no extensive paperwork!
  • Instant buyers
  • We close on your schedule
  • Save on repairs

How to Identify Fake Home Buyers

Unfortunately, our industry is infested with sharks, scammers, and fake cash buyers. We will show three critical aspects that will make the process risky and a not guaranteed sale.

Use Postponement 

A home buying company is not legit if they start to use deferrals or slows down the process. These types of organizations will haul out the cycle for quite a long time. 

Has No Reference

If you don’t get any results on Google, then it’s not a reliable company. No pictures, no social media pages, no reviews or testimonials; these are all red flags. Contacting someone only by phone and not being able to visit an office is definitely a sign of a fake homebuyer. 

Lock you into a ‘Choice Contract.’ 

The choice contract is needed to hold you in place (stop you from selling elsewhere) while a buyer or mortgage funding is secured.

Get In Touch With Henry Buys Homes

We are a team that works to improve our community every day and helps boost the local market. Henry Buys Homes is committed to transparency and integrity and as a legit property cash buyer in Jacksonville they know that selling your house is a huge decision, so don’t hesitate to call the experts.