How Henry Buys Homes’ Buying Process Works

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If you look up “sell my house fast” on the internet, many home buying companies offer to do so. However, selling to home buyers should be as easy as they say and, sometimes it isn’t that way. That’s why if you’re looking for a home buying company that genuinely offers a smooth and straightforward process, you have landed on the right page. 

Henry Buys Homes LLC is the most trusted and quick home buying company in Florida. We buy houses in all conditions for a fair cash price. Avoid paying commissions, closing costs, or other hidden fees. Sell your property and put more money in your pockets in just a week! Get in touch with us to learn more about our company.  


About Our Buying Process

At Henry Buys Homes, we follow a thorough but quick 4-step process that consists of the following: 

  • First, get in touch with us to learn more about your property. The process is quick, easy, and completely free. However, if you want to talk to us more about your property, we don’t mind. We want as much information as possible. 
  • Then, we will determine if your property meets our buying criteria. If it does, we’ll contact you to set up an appointment and review your property in person. You shouldn’t worry about fitting our buying criteria or not; most likely; your property will. Besides, we buy houses as-is, regardless of their condition and your financial situation. 
  • We’re almost there. After we have reviewed your property, we’ll present you with a fair and written cash offer. The offer it’s written, so there’s a record of how much we valued your property. We are all about providing you with an honest and transparent service. Also, the offer isn’t obligatory. You can decide not to take it, and we’ll be okay with it. 
  • Finally, we’ll close the deal at a local reputable title company with cash in your hands, as fast as 7 days. That’s right, in less than a week, you’ll be starting a new stage of your life. 

Start The Process Today!

With Henry Buys Homes in Florida, your desire to “sell my home fast” becomes a reality! Now, you’re one step closer to selling your home without the need for repairs, visitors, or else. Remember, we buy houses even if they’re foreclosed. Contact us today to get cash on your hands this time next week!