Facing Foreclosure? Avoid It By Selling Your House to Henry Buys Homes

Selling your home can seem like an extremely hard or even impossible task when faced with foreclosure. With the market in flux and prices dropping, it is difficult to quickly sell a house to avoid foreclosure. But what if there’s a company that doesn’t care about where you were at in the process?

That’s exactly why we’re here! At Henry Buys Homes, we buy houses under any circumstance and have been helping people get out of tough situations for many years now.


What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a legal process that happens when a person defaults on their mortgage. This process allows the lender to take possession of the property through forced sale. Once this happens, you will lose your home.

A foreclosure can have serious consequences, including impacting your credit score and even losing the home you thought was yours forever.

Consequences Of Foreclosure

If you have mortgage payments and are unable to catch up, foreclosure is an inevitable next step. Some consequences of foreclosure are:

  • Loss of home
  • Removal from mortgage
  • Negative credit report
  • Can’t buy a house for years

Which Homeowner’s Situation Is Foreclosure?

Not everyone will experience this situation in the same way. That being said, there are a few 

common situations that can lead to foreclosure. Some of them are:

  • Job loss
  • Medical bills
  • Divorce or separation from a spouse
  • Change in family needs.

In each situation, selling your home is going to be extremely difficult, and you might never be able to sell it for a price that covers your outstanding mortgage balance. Luckily, a company like ours exists to help people avoid foreclosure and sell their houses fast.

The Solution? Sell Your House To Henry Buys Homes

As a home buyer company, we can help homeowners in foreclosure by buying their homes for cash immediately. Our process is simple, quick, and free. Avoid foreclosure in Orange Park by selling your house to us.

We buy houses as-is, in any condition. We work with you hand to hand to determine the best solution. Whether that be cash for your property or to receive an arrangement of foreclosure agreement, no problem is too big for us.

Henry Buys Homes Buys Your Foreclosure House

Are you wondering how to sell your house fast? At Henry Buys Homes, we buy houses and help homeowners avoid foreclosure. We’ve been buying homes for many years, so you can count on our experience to get you through this difficult time. Contact us today to start with our simple process.